Friday, March 03, 2006

Michael Earl was a charismatic street person who roamed Albany, New York for four decades. He was part of the scene in the hippie days when many people hung out in the parks and on the streets. Eventually the hippies faded away but Michael stayed on. He was famous around Albany for his independent spirit as well as his colorful nickname.

Michael developed many friendships with people who admired his fierce independence, and didn't mind helping him out with their spare change. There were also, no doubt, many who felt that there was not much to admire in this tough and unpredictable outsider.

Religion played a big part in Michael's personal world view. In conversation he frequently included references to biblical figures, and also some entities that emerged from his own personal mythology, like a demon called "the Jasper."

Michael Earl died on November 15, 2002. This blog is dedicated to his memory, and created for his friends who recognized Michael as a free spirit who endured many hardships in order to live in his own way.

In the mid-eighties I shot a rock video about Michael. Click here to see it.
I think that he would be pleased to know that his fame lives on.

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Guy Spataford